SMS-enabled ELGATO equipment provides following functions:

Supported protocols:
-operation directly to GSM-ports by AT-commands via TCP/IP and COM-ports (ref. List of compatible SMS-software)
-own SMS-protocol for TCP/IP

Own software:
-SMS-client (MS Windows) for sending single SMS, bulk SMS sending based on lists, Flash-SMS (model ELGATO К16)
-web-interface of SMS-GSM-gateway - sending single SMS, bulk SMS-ing (model ELGATO К16, ELGATO К32)

Third-party software:
-Ozeki Message Server
-Ozeki SMS Gateway
-any software capable of working with GSM-modems directly

Manufacturer: ELGATO Communications (Ukraine)

Contacts in Ukraine

+380(67)527-4171 (mob/telegram)
+380(56)719-9030 (office)

Local landlines

Russia (Moscow)

UK (London)

USA (Chicago)

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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