Transit PDU (GSM-rebooter) with PC-type sockets Transit Gsm-rebooter. Rebooter allows to controll 6 separate power supply circuts. This is usefull for remote controll of various devices and rebooting/resetting devices powered through UPS.

Every outlet poweded separately from own power source but not from single source like non-transit GSM-rebooter. Device serves as controllable via GSM/SMS power circuts switch/controller. It uses standard computer outlets (C13/C14 standard) which allows easily connect almost any device and manage power supplied to it (computers, servers, modems, switches, any devices connected via UPS...).

GSM-rebooter controller powered via first outlet.

Device is ready for delivery. Please contact us for more details or making order.

Manufacturer: ELGATO Communications (Ukraine)

Contacts in Ukraine

+380(67)527-4171 (mob/telegram)
+380(56)719-9030 (office)

Local landlines

Russia (Moscow)

UK (London)

USA (Chicago)

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