GSM-ребутер с розетками SHIMO, GSM-розетка

We offer a new control mode for Remote Power Switches. If this mode is activated, the unit answers a telephone call to SIM card, then you can use DTMF commands for immediate switching on, off and "resetting" any channel. The default mode is off.

Example of DTMF control utilization:

1) Call to the unit from the telephone which number is stored in the unit's memory.

2) The unit will "take the receiver", and then you can enter the commands.

3) Press “*” button on your telephone. The unit is ready to switch to the mode.

4) Press necessary number button on your telephone: 0 – channels off, 1 – channels on, 2 – short-time activation (for 60 seconds).

5) When pressing the channel number 1…5 button (6 – for all the channel at a time) you send an instant command for this channel switching on, off or resetting depending on the mode selected. For example, with “*”, “0”, and “2” buttons combination you switch on channel 2.

6) To change the mode, press “*” and go to item 4.

7) Having finished the switching combination, clear the call.

So, with “*”, “0”, “4”, “5”, “*”, “2”, “0”, “1”, “3”“*”, “1”, “2” combination you switch off channels 4 and 5, reset channels 0, 1 and 3, and switch on channel 2.

For more details on Remote Power Switch please click here

GSM-card for G20/G8 with internal feeders

Improved version of GSM board for G20/G8 without external feeders means there are no aerial wires on the board surface. Instead, aerial path is made as a separate layer in the multilayer printed circuit board. Such configuration is more reliable and minimizes the possibility of mechanical damages and failures of connecting aerial wires.

Read more about GSM-gateway G20
Read more about GSM-gateway G8

PDU (GSM-rebooter) in DIN rail casing

This DIN rail mounted unit controls six channels (0 to 5) 110...220V/50Hz via GSM network (calls, SMSs) and takes the readings of external transmitters. For communication with the owner, GSM network (calls, SMSs) is used.

More information at the page for DIN Rail Mounted "Smart House" GSM Unit

GSM-socket 3 channels

The switchboard is used for switching on/off the AC network 220v load in remote or difficult to access rooms. The switchboard consists of three sockets, each with its individual control. The loads switching on/off is controlled by sending SMSs or calling to the built-in GSM module of the switchboard.

More information at the page for 3-Channel GSM Socket (Rebooter)

GSM Alarm is a compact (88x56x22mm) device powered from 9...36V DC source that has a built-in big capacity Li-Ion battery and allows for monitoring of six basic and four auxiliary inputs configured either as a discrete input or as a decoder each within the range of up to 24V, and for controlling two outputs with an open collector loaded up to 24V 0.2A (with external relays, the power supply of two device groups of up to 3kW each may be controlled). In addition, the ambient temperature, supply voltage and battery voltage are monitored.

The device signals any changes through SMSs, is controlled via SMSs and calls from the user-defined phone numbers. The secured room may be listened to using a highly sensitive microphone by a call or an SMS 'Call back' command.


There is an external USB port that supports commands sending to the device similar to SMS commanding and allows for receiving the alarms and status messages in parallel with SMS messaging. Therefore, the device may be configured and tested off-line (without the GSM network), with the responses being received without delays for the SMS network transmission. The customer has the option to connect this port to the PC (e.g. via the HyperTerminal)


The device signals its power interruption (it can operate using its built-in battery for up to 10 hours!), but if it is connected after the UPS, two external supply network transmitters may be connected to different network points ~220V (~110V).

External USB-port in a new version of Rebooter alows to transmit commands to the device same way as by SMS-commands and receive alarm/status messages via USB besides common SMS-messages.
This way it is possible to configure and test the device without using GSM-network and obtain responces from the device without delays for transmitting SMS via GSM-network. This port can be connected to PC (for example via "hyperterminal").
Paid option "IMEI processing" is available for order for 3G-versions (UMTS) of gateways and PCI-cards. This options opens access to information about IMEI-code of UMTS/GSM-modules via special commands.
Elgato (Polygator) at CeBIT 2012 Elgato (Polygator) at CeBIT 2012 Elgato (Polygator) at CeBIT 2012
Elgato - brand name for Ukraine. Polygator - brand name for the CIS, EU, USA and other countries.

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New model of SIM-bank provides easier access to SIM-cards and higher reliability.
First samples of new multifunctional GSM-gateway K5 are being tested.
GSM-gateway K5 GSM-gateway K5
GSM gateways Elgato G8 and Elgato G20 on special order can be equipped with radio-modules with UMTS(3G) support.

Detailed information about G8
Detailed information about G20

"Elgato Communications" will participate in exhibition CeBIT 2012, March 6-10th, 2012 in Hannover, Germany.

CeBIT 2012 - leading international exhibition of information technologies, held once a year since 1986. CeBIT exhibitors demonstrate new digital technologies and telecommunicational solutions for home and office. Exhibition visited by world leading specialists and professionals in IT.

You can get from us free entrance tickets to CeBIT 2012.

Our photogallery from previous participation (CeBIT 2009)

GSM-card ISA/PCI for Linux/Asterisk, 8 channels
PCI express support for GSM-card for Asterisk is under development. Availability of PCIe-version GSM-card for order is expected in March 2012. Pre-orders are welcome.

More details on GSM-card for Asterisk

Transit PDU (GSM-rebooter) with PC-type sockets
Reinforced model of GSM-gateway available for order. This model can handle up to 16 Ampere per each power supply channel.

Detailed information about Transit GSM-rebooter

GSM-ребутер с розетками SHIMO, GSM-розетка
New model of GSM-rebooter with sockets SHIMO is available for order.

Mode details on GSM-rebooter

GSM-gateway Elgato G8
VoIP GSM gateway G8 having dimensions just 209 x 40 x 118 mm and weight about 1.8 kg provides number of features including:
- up to 8 channels VoIP-GSM
- possibility to install Asterisk on-board and providing SIP-registrar functions
- mini-PBX and VoIP-GSM gateway in one box
- management via web-interface
- SSH access
- support of several SMS-protocols (AT-commands, SMPP, Email-SMS, custom)
Detailed information about gateway
For example, USB 3G modem (CCU-550) installed in USB-slot of GSM-gate G8 or G20, enables device to connect Internet automatically (PPoE), after seeting up driver properly.
To use this feature it is necessary to have USB-modem driver installed in operational system of GSM-gateway (if generic driver (included) not working). To set up modem you can contact of Elgato and report model of 3G USB-modem, or allow Elgato remote access to gateway in order to install driver.
VoIP GSM-gateway G8 with WiFi usb-dongle inserted
VoIP-GSM gateways (model "G8" and "G20") with WiFi adaptor. When using VoIP GSM gateway with WiFi adaptor you can easily connect device to local network and place anywhere no mater if there an ethernet cable or not.

VoIP-GSM gateways (model "G8" and "G20") with WiFi adaptor. When using VoIP GSM gateway with WiFi adaptor you can easily connect device to local network and place anywhere no mater if there an ethernet cable or not.

VoIP GSM-gateway G8 with WiFi usb-dongle inserted

Initial setup of WiFi connection can be done via text file (script). This file can be created via console, ssh or when buying VoIP-GSM gateway - in this case pre-configuration will be done by Elgato staff before shipment by stating information about WiFi access point, password and other parameters in configuration file.

After GSM-gateways connected to WiFi network, voice calls also be placed via WiFi connection and further via GSM.

Thanks to WiFi adaptor, GSM gateway can be used as WiFi aсcess point and connect computers into local network. For this purpose special configuration file (script) in boot partition of gsm-gateway is required.

GSM-gateway with Asterisk preinstalled and WiFi-adaptor in access point mode is ready to use IP-PBX. It provides SIP-phone registration and placing calls to GSM-networks. Installation and configuration of Asterisk can be done by Elgato on your order and task desctiption.

USB-adaptor TP-Link used as WiFi adaptor.

Card to be installed into PCI-slot of motherboard and able to make/receive calls as well as send/receive SMS-messages in 3G/WCDMA networks.

Card configuration: 
- 4/8 independent radio-channels per 1 card (1 SIM-card per channel can be installed)
- PCI standard
- up to 4 cards can be installed on 1 PC (up to 32 channels total)
- it is possible to send AT-commands directly to radio-channels

Warranty and online - 2 years.
You can send request via phone +380-63-7973020, skype elgato-ua or via contacts listed in top menu "Home/CONTACTS".
GSM-gateway G8
Many of such compact gateways can be effectively used with Sim-server.

This is most compact Elgato VoIP/PRI GMS-gate model:
-dimensions: depth 209 mm, width 118 mm, height 40 mm

GSM-gateway G8
Many of such compact gateways can be effectively used with Sim-server.

This is most compact Elgato VoIP/PRI GSM-gate model:
-dimensions: depth 209 mm, width 118 mm, height 40 mm

New features;
-high capacity CPU (Atmel ARM G20)
-4 GSM bands
-3G (on order)
-SIM-bank/SIM-server support (paid option)
-custom SMS protocol

-RAM 128 Mb
-Flash-storage 4 Gb
-external power source 12 V (4,3 A)

Please contact us for quote or making order.
GSM-gateway G8 GSM-gateway G8


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