MQTT Gateway for Elgato Communications GSM SocketsThere is a way to receive data and control Elgato Communications GSM sockets using the MQTT protocol (over the Internet). The MQTT protocol ( is based on TCP/IP and is one of the main standards for exchanging data between devices inside Internet of Things environments (IoT), various smart home software, and the systems alike.

How it works
What you can do via MQTT protocol:
- Turn on and off the relays (outputs)
- Receive data on the status of inputs and outputs
- Receive sensor readings, battery level and others
- Send any commands according to the user manual

To use this mechanism, your device must be able to transfer data over the Internet via GPRS. This may vary depending on the GSM-socket model you own and the firmware version applied, as well as on the SIM card standard and data plan enabled. Once configured, the GSM socket will send data to our cloud MQTT gateway. The MQTT gateway will convert data into MQTT messages and make them available at MQTT broker topic(s).

How to connect
To set up the Elgato Communications GSM socket for MQTT you need to:
- Contact us and get information on setting up a GSM socket
- Have a proper SIM-card and activate data transfer via GPRS on a GSM socket
- Get information from us about your MQTT broker access and list of MQTT topics

Besides public MQTT gateway/MQTT broker access, you can have a separate server and individual solution implemented on individual order.

Sales: contacts at
MQTT setup: contacts at, skype: elgato-ua

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