SIM-hosting service: SMS sendingAs part of the GSM Ports Rent (SIM-hosting) service, a new feature has become available - sending SMS. After placing the SIM card in our GSM gateway, you can send SMS using your own SIM cards, besides making / receiving calls and receiving SMS.

To send SMS, you can use either a web panel or HTTP API. When sending, the user specifies the SIM card number to be used for sending the message. After sending SMS, you can get detailed information about the actual delivery status (DLR) in the web panel. 

The GSM Ports Rental service is based on Polygator equipment - the VoIP/GSM-gateways. It allows to place SIM cards in a GSM gateway and connect to them using standard telephony protocols (SIP) and SMS protocols via Internet/Ethernet.  

More sophisticated usage scenarios are also available using the sim bank and sim server solutions.

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