Receive SMS with Asterisk

Asterisk-module Polygator accompanies “Polygator VoIP/GSM-card” (4/8 SIM-cards, PCI/PCIe). Thanks to the module, all features of the Polygator GSM-card are available via Asterisk dialplan or CLI. Among others, there is a feature to receive and process inbound SMS by means of Asterisk and Linux.

For example, here are the steps to set up forwarding inbound SMS to external server:

1. Prepare a handler (script in php, python, bash…).
The script will receive SMS-data from Asterisk and forward data to external server by HTTP-request. Place it on an Asterisk-server in /home/ folder.

2. Configure channel of GSM-card:

Via Asterisk console or via file polygator.conf specify context and extension for incoming SMS.

Sample for channel #3 (gsm-3):

CLI commands:
CLI> polygator channel gsm gsm-3 set sms.ntf.en yes
CLI> polygator channel gsm gsm-3 set sms.ntf.ctx gsm_sms
CLI> polygator channel gsm gsm-3 set sms.ntf.exten sms

Accordingly, we enable SMS feature - yes, context - gsm_sms, extension - sms.

3. Create context and extension in extensions.conf file and specify path to handler script.

Sample for extensions.conf

exten => sms,1,Noop()
same = n,System(/usr/bin/php -q /home/test.php '${PGSMSCHANNEL}^${PGSMSDESTADDRESS}^${CALLERID(num)}^get^sms^${PGSMSCONTENT}^in^${STRFTIME(${EPOCH},,%Y:%m:%d-%H:%M:%S)}')

Since configuring done, each inbound SMS on channel #3 will trigger Asterisk’s dialplan to execute script at /home/test.php. Command line parameter contains SMS-data fields separated by ^.

The way to pass and separate SMS-data fields it totally up to the end-user of GSM-card Polygator.

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