Incoming SMS live demoGSM-gateway Polygator software allows to process incoming SMS in various ways. One of the ways is to launch bash-script on gateway at moment a SMS received.

This demo-page shows SMS, received by SIM-cards in gateway during current day. Send some SMS to these numbers to make your own test.

Incoming SMS Live Demo

This public page to protect your privacy intentionally modifies sender’s number. Now each incoming SMS launches processing bash-script. The scripts sends the received SMS to this demo-page as JSON.  Besides “FROM” and “TEXT” it passes data like: IMSI, gateway channel number, SMS-center number, etc.

When used together with remote SIM management technology, this feature can be very effective for building automated solutions processing hundreds of SIM-cards. Typical use scenarios include obtaining SMS-responses from clients, collecting OTG passwords and PIN-codes via SMS, etc.

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