40-port GSM-gateway at unique pricePolygator G20 chassis is a compact case of 1 unit height ready for 19-inch rack. It serves as basis for several configurations of GSM-gateways.

Now the chassis Polygator G20 may hold up to 5 extension boards. Thanks to improved 8-port extension boards, single device may provide up to 40 channels. 

40-channel model provides the best rate of “per channel” cost among others.

Following configurations are available:
- 8-ports (scalable up to 40, step 8)
- 16-ports (scalable up to 40, step 8)
- 24-ports (scalable up to 40, step 8)
- 32-ports (scalable up to 40, step 8)
- 40-ports (maximal)

To get more details about prices for various configurations, please, contact us via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., skype: elgato-ua or via contacts on website www.elgato.com.ua

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