Get incoming SMS’s via GSM-gateway in bulk (3-steps solution)If you need to get incoming SMS’s to your website/server here is one of the simplest solutions by Polygator:

1) connect GSM-gateway Polygator to Ethernet

2) insert SIM-cards

3) in special file specify your server address and data format (i.e. POST/JSON)

Since that moment, each incoming SMS sent to your server as a JSON-object,which includes message text, sender number, SIM-number etc. The same way GSM-gateway may pass incoming calls information.

Of course, this solution may be improved. For example, by using Remote SIM-Management technology. You may have small GSM-gateway and hundreds of SIM-cards in reserve (in SIM-bank). It is possible to put SIM-cards into GSM-network either by queue or by API-command etc.

The solution may be helpful for receiving one-time passwords (OTP) and confirmation codes when activating accounts in various online services, social networks etc.

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