SIM-server API for custom VoIP and SMS-solutionsThe SIM-server enables a flexible approach to SIM-cards management in VoIP-solutions (voice) as well as in SMS-solutions. It allows avoiding physical SIM-cards insertion into GSM-gateways and replaces it by logical «virtual» insertion of SIM-cards in gateway’s channels. Use of SIM-server technology dramatically expands the sphere of application for GSM-gateways, opens new possibilities for system scaling and for solving new tasks.

The multifunctional API for SIM-server management is available. It supports two main operating modes – AUTO-commutation mode and MANUAL-commutation mode. In the AUTO mode, the system initiates commutation of free SIM-cards automatically according to parameters set in advance. In the MANUAL mode commutation made only after receiving a certain API-command. The API SIM-server enables user to build high complexity system and create solution for non-standard task.

The gateway connected to the SIM-server keeps its normal features working. It can be interacted by user or by third-party software via the same VoIP and SMS-protocols and the same way as when SIM-cards inserted directly in the device.


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