Update SMPP multi-accounts in G8/G20 gateways

Feature of sending, receiving of SMS and DLRs by means of SMPP is present in G8/G20 gateway since very first firmware versions. This way gateway acts as basic SMPP-server. One of the unique SMPP-server features provided by recent firmware updates is multiple account support.

Ability to create several SMPP-accounts in one gateway allow assigning GSM-channels explicitly to user-accounts. This feature enables you to split GSM-channels between remote users, give channels for rent etc.

Each user establishes independent SMPP bind (in transceiver mode) and exchange data with device by it. Each channel of gateway is able to work via SMPP and concurrently perform VoIP-GSM calls, as well as use virtual SIM-cards from SIM-Server solution.

+ Dev by wwsiter