SMS-gateways Polygator: boxed G8/G20 and GSM-boards PCI/PCI-e

SMS-gateways Polygator are able to provide full-featured processing of Incoming/Outgoing SMS, delivery reports and USSD-commands support. Standalone SMS-gateway G8/G20 enables from 4 to 24 SIM-cards available in GSM-network concurrently. By using PCI/PCI-e GSM-boards it is possible to achieve much more SIM-cards per one device ratio. Currently SMS-gateways Polygator support following protocols and scenarios (but not limited to):


SMPP (Device as SMPP-server. Receive/Send SMS)
- single SMPP login/pass per device; possible to choose GSM-channel based on sender name; channels engaged consequently from #1 to the last one and again start from #1; it is possible to route SMS to channels based on recipient phone number prefix


AT-commands (Device as pool of Ethernet-modems. Receive/Send SMS)
- via TCP/IP and АТ-commands you obtain full control over each channel of the gateway. Each GSM-channel is accessible via IP-address:port


Email-to-SMS/SMS-to-Email (Device receives emails and sends as SMS, receives SMS and sends as emails. Receive/Send SMS)
- connection to external POP3-server (i.e. gmail). Receiving new e-mails and forwarding as SMS to the recipient indicated in the subject
- connection to external SMTP-server (i.e. gmail). Receiving new SMS and forwarding to e-mail recipient, indicated in GSM-channel settings


SMS-via-SIP/Simple SIP protocol (GSM-board controlled by Asterisk. Receive/Send SMS)
- it is possible to setup Simple SIP support and VoIP concurrently by additional settings on an Asterisk server and by using featured software on the client device


Flat-file database SQLite (GSM-board controlled by Asterisk. Receive/Send SMS)
- via SQLite database located on Asterisk server, it is possible to read incoming SMS and place SMS-records for sending by interacting with appropriate DB tables


HTTP-protocol and other ways (on incoming SMS or on incoming Call, device executes user script (bash, PHP, …) located in Linux file-system of the Gateway device. Receive SMS and Call notifications)
- there is a sample bash-script present for automatic sending incoming SMS to external IP-address (or Host) as a JSON-object by executing Curl command. There is a restriction for SMS body length – 100 symbols.


With third-party software:
- it is possible to interact with GSM-channels of gateway as with local COM-ports
- the device can be connected as one or several GSM-channels to server software
- on-board OS Linux allows to install additional software and extend functionality of the device

There are many Free and Commercial SMS-software available. Send us request to obtain our latest SMS-related software shortlist.


With SIM-bank/SIM-server solution:
- even with small gateway it is possible to use hundreds of SIM-cards comfortable
- it is possible to make balance control for SIM-cards and SIM-card replacement automatic
- SIM-card commutation is controllable via API-interface of the SIM-server software in “manual commutation” mode
- various aspects of SIM-server functionality are controllable via extensive SIM-Server API


Please contact Elgato Communications for remote testing and ordering directly in manufacturing company.

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