Updated GSM-Combiner 8-1 at new price

Updated model of the GSM-combiner is available for ordering. New mode has smaller size and improved characteristics. The 8-to-1 GSM-combiner able to mix up to 8 antennas to single cable (feeder).

Standard set includes:
- 8-to1 GSM-combiner
- 8 SMA-connector patch cords, 50 cm each
- 10 m feeder (SMA-connector) with YAGI antenna

The Combiner has no special limitations for device compatibility. It and can be used with any Elgato Communications/Polygator equipment as well as with equipment of other manufacturers.

Updated model of the GSM-combiner is about 30% less expensive when previous model thanks to optimized manufacturing cycle.

Product page GSM-combiner 8-to-1

The 32 to 4 channels version is also available.

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