Special offer: Wholesale GSM-termination Starter Kit

Please consider this limited-time "Wholesale GSM-termination Starter Kit" offer on special price.


The "Wholesale GSM-termination Starter Kit" offer includes:
- Two compact VoIP-GSM gateways G8 (8 channel each)
- Tree “Mikrotik” routers (for VPN on DHCP)
- SIM-bank for 100 SIM-cards
- VPS for running management software SIM-server (free for 1 year)


Some features of the system:
- support for SIP, SMS, VPN, IMEI change, etc.
- ability to move SIM-cards between gateways and GSM base stations
- automatic balance checking and balance recharging, flexible analysis of SIM-card status in GSM-network
- automatic replacement (rotation) of SIM-cards according to rules list (timers, network statuses)
- availability of API (Json) for management by custom software


Please consider this limited-time offer for quick-starting your Wholesale termination business right now. The system can be scaled by standard scaling means (additional GSM-gateways and SIM-banks) without any special limits according to standard licensing policy. License for SIM-server software is free for configuration of up to 5 devices (banks and gateways).


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