GSM-gateway with Asterisk v11 on-board


Thanks to the updated software module Polygator PGGSM (providing integration of radio-channels to Asterisk) the Asterisk v11 now can be installed directly on the GSM-gateway.

The integration module Polygator PGGSM provides GSM-gateway channels control via dial-plan and console of Asterisk, as well as command line of OS Linux.

All GSM-gateways Polygator are able to run Asterisk on-board, making it possible to use the gateway as standalone IP-PBX "all-in-one" as well as GSM-Gateway at the same time. Depending on the gateway software module type the highest on-board Asterisk version may vary. Currently, all gateways managed by “PGGSM” software support installation of Asterisk v11. All GSM-gateways managed by “Polygator GUI” software are able to run Asterisk up to v1.6.2.2 on-board.

In any case it is enough to run just one GSM-gateway box Polygator with Asterisk on-board to create the telephony server.

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