Updated pricing for GSM-cards (Linux, Asterisk)


Multichannel PCI GSM-boards are available at new prices. A GSM-card for 4 or 8 channels (SIM-cards), allow to create GSM-gateway based on a regular PC with one or several PCI-slots.


GSM-cards can be installed inside a PC with Asterisk for Linux or Elastix

This way you can create multichannel, scalable VoIP-GSM gateway or SMS-GSM gateway. You can install several cards in a single chassis.


There are some possible GSM-card usage scenarios possible:


1) Voice and/or SMS-gateway controlled by an Asterisk (dial-plan and asterisk console are supported, as well as command line (Bash). Features like IMEI-change and others are also supported.)
2) Voice and/or SMS-gateway controlled by Software “Polygator GSM-Gateway” with the support of the SIM-Server features
3) SMS-gateway (AT-command mode) under control of Polygator driver and SIM-Server support


Using the card under Asterisk is very easy and safe way to create GSM-gateway or SMS-gateway with further scaling opportunity.


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