VoIP GSM-gateway G20 (4-24 channels) "G20 Office PBX" is one of possible setups for new VoIP-GSM-gateway model G20. This is Gsm-gate with preinstalled and ready for use IP-PBX Asterisk. It is possible to add FXS (and also FXO) modules or connect external FXS/FXO gate. It supports external IP trunks.

Custom IP-PBX system setup executed according to task description during standard delivery time and terms of GSM-gateway. As a result - you get 1 device with mini-PBX and GSM-gate inside as well as gateway for connecting landlines (FXS/FXO). Main benefit - saving funds on standalone telephony server for Asterisk available for any small offices/home offices.

Technical support of Asterisk system and GSM-gate provided by specialists of Elgato Communications either for the time of warranty either as additional paid service.

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+380(56)721-5188 (tel./fax)
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