"Hybrid" mode (PRI-GSM and VoIP-GSM in single device) is now available for GSM-gateways ELGATO K16.

By making some settings through web-interface it is possible to make some GSM-channels working as PRI-GSM and part of channels - as VoIP-GSM. After such settings all calls coming through GSM-ports assigned to VoIP, will be sent to VoIP-direction (for example, the softswitch). Calls coming through channels working as PRI-GSM, will be set to PRI-port of  GSM-gateway.

This mode not allows cross-sending calls came through PRI-GSM ports to VoIP-direction as well as calls came through VoIP-GSM ports can not be sent to PRI-direction.

In order to use "hybrid" mode you need to have GSM-gateway ELGATO К16 with PRI-GSM abd VoIP-GSM licenses activated. In case you have only PRI-GSM or VoIP-GSM version of GSM-gateway K16, you can order expansion license any moment.

+ Dev by wwsiter