SIM-bank 100 sim-cards

New SIM-bank is small sized and (height 1 unit, 1U, size 29х20х4,5 cm) and allows to use up to 100 SIM-cards with SIM-server platform as well as with VoIP-GSM gateways "Elgato". This model of SIM-bank is a compact version of SIM-bank with a capacity of 200 SIM-cards – its size is 2/3 of a major model size.

By connecting one or more SIM-banks, it is possible to extend the number of SIM-cards accessible by SIM-server. SIM-banks can be placed in one or several places. Compact size makes it comfortable to transport and place the device.

External USB-devices can be used for network connection thanks to USB-ports available on board. In order to connect Internet/Intranet can be used Ethernet-connector (on board) or external WI-Fi/3G-dongle (USB).

New model of SIM-bank (100 SIM-cards) is available for ordering. Warranty – 2 years.

Size: 29х20х4,5 cm

Height: 1U

Capacity: 100 SIM-cards

Power supply: 12 V (external power unit 110/220V is included)

+ Dev by wwsiter