We are glad to announce the Polygator (Elgato Communications in Ukraine) GSM-gateway G20 has passed successfully the tests of the Elastix Hardware Certification Program (EHCP). Certification extended to model Polygator G8 as well. You can check this out on the EHCP website:

Elastix - is an Open Source Sofware to establish Unified Communications. It is an Asterisk Based distro.

Features of Elastix
include: Support for softphones, Web Interface Configuration, Virtual conference rooms, Call recording, Least Cost Routing, Extension Roaming, PBX Interconnection, Caller ID, CRM, Advance Reports, Billing (calling cards platform, VoIP wholesale platform).

Elastix includes preinstalled: Asterisk, A2Billing, vTiger CRM, SugerCRM. Available as ISO-images for free download from official web-site.

+ Dev by wwsiter