GSM-ребутер с розетками SHIMO, GSM-розетка

We offer a new control mode for Remote Power Switches. If this mode is activated, the unit answers a telephone call to SIM card, then you can use DTMF commands for immediate switching on, off and "resetting" any channel. The default mode is off.

Example of DTMF control utilization:

1) Call to the unit from the telephone which number is stored in the unit's memory.

2) The unit will "take the receiver", and then you can enter the commands.

3) Press “*” button on your telephone. The unit is ready to switch to the mode.

4) Press necessary number button on your telephone: 0 – channels off, 1 – channels on, 2 – short-time activation (for 60 seconds).

5) When pressing the channel number 1…5 button (6 – for all the channel at a time) you send an instant command for this channel switching on, off or resetting depending on the mode selected. For example, with “*”, “0”, and “2” buttons combination you switch on channel 2.

6) To change the mode, press “*” and go to item 4.

7) Having finished the switching combination, clear the call.

So, with “*”, “0”, “4”, “5”, “*”, “2”, “0”, “1”, “3”“*”, “1”, “2” combination you switch off channels 4 and 5, reset channels 0, 1 and 3, and switch on channel 2.

For more details on Remote Power Switch please click here

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