GSM Alarm is a compact (88x56x22mm) device powered from 9...36V DC source that has a built-in big capacity Li-Ion battery and allows for monitoring of six basic and four auxiliary inputs configured either as a discrete input or as a decoder each within the range of up to 24V, and for controlling two outputs with an open collector loaded up to 24V 0.2A (with external relays, the power supply of two device groups of up to 3kW each may be controlled). In addition, the ambient temperature, supply voltage and battery voltage are monitored.

The device signals any changes through SMSs, is controlled via SMSs and calls from the user-defined phone numbers. The secured room may be listened to using a highly sensitive microphone by a call or an SMS 'Call back' command.


There is an external USB port that supports commands sending to the device similar to SMS commanding and allows for receiving the alarms and status messages in parallel with SMS messaging. Therefore, the device may be configured and tested off-line (without the GSM network), with the responses being received without delays for the SMS network transmission. The customer has the option to connect this port to the PC (e.g. via the HyperTerminal)


The device signals its power interruption (it can operate using its built-in battery for up to 10 hours!), but if it is connected after the UPS, two external supply network transmitters may be connected to different network points ~220V (~110V).

+ Dev by wwsiter