Product code: ELGATO G8
(equipped with 4 or 8 GSM-channels)

GSM-gateway G8
GSM-gateway G8 "How it works?"
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This is multichannel (4/8 channels) GSM-gateway. Every channel equipped with GSM-module and works similar to regular mobile phone. It may have phone number of any mobile operator. The device checks all outcoming calls and in case abonents match the "white-list", the call being directed to gateway of other operator or to PBX connected with PSTN. The GSM-gate connected to PBX by Digital Subscriber Signalization (DSS1, 2Mbit/s E1 or T1, ISDN-PRI) (incoming and outcoming channels, total quantity - 30) or to IP-PBX via Ethernet (SIP).

Technical characteristics:
- Support ISDN PRI connection with PBX and other equipment.

List of equipment:
- channel-card for 4/8 GSM-ports
- Module for VoIP support
- Module for IMEI codes reading
- Module for Sim – Server support (operation with Sim – cards in Sim – Bank through TCP/IP)

- Vertical antenna (for installing on the surface) – 4 pcs.
Omni-directional antenna
- Directional antenna YAGI + combiner of 8 GSM channels (for distribution of load on different base station of Mobile Network Operator). It is recommended for equipment of 16 - channel gateways.
GSM-combiner (splitter) 8-in-1 with directional YAGI-antenna Connecting combiner (splitter) to GSM-card GSM combiner (splitter) 8-to-1 with regular antenna

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VoIP GSM-gateway G20 (4-24 channels) Extension board for K16, 4 GSM-channels "How it works?"
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Manufacturer: ELGATO Communications (Ukraine)

Contacts in Ukraine

+380(67)527-4171 (mob/telegram)
+380(56)719-9030 (office)

Local landlines

Russia (Moscow)

UK (London)

USA (Chicago)

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