VoIP - GSM gate complex ELGATO establishes telephone traffic exchange between GSM and IP NETwork.

The application of the given equipment in a corporate network allows to make calls from mobile GSM subscribers to IP network and on the contrary, the mobile subscribers can receive a call from subscribers of a corporate network. The system also can be applied in operator business, for transferring of the traffic from GSM network to IP a network, for example, for organizing international calls throughout networks of the IP-operators.

The transmission of the traffic in VoIP-GSM gate is organized through the protocol SIP, H.323.

A quality of voice transmission depends from audio-codec: G.711, G.726, G.729, G.723. 

Device components:

Main block:
Industrial case Advatech, back plain, 9 ISA, 3-PCI, 
Standard process border CPU ( P3 and higher)
Flash HDD 128 Mb, RAM min 64Ìá, keyboard, floppy disk

Switchboard components
Switchboard (support ISDN PRI, DSS1) and two FXS optionally! 
Radio-channel boarder(from 8 till 32 GSM channels)


Service (monitoring, Billing)

GSM modules 
SIMCom Sim900, Quectel M10

Antenna complex
Antenna combiner (GSM-splitter) 8/1 (8 GSM channel in 1 direction), signal loss less then 7dB
One direction antenna YAGI , dual band, 13-17dB gain
10m cable for YAGI antenna, signal loss 0.6dB/m

VoIP module (optionally)
SIP native (onboard)
Cisco MC3810, 8 - 30 channels (codec G.729), support SIP and H.323

Computer block Call Centre (optionally)

The basic characteristics 
Function of a return call - CallBack

With an incoming call the GSM gate determines and compares telephone number of the calling subscriber with numbers of the subscribers, for which the function CallBack is permitted(subscribers database). If such number is found, GSM-gate breaks off connection and calls back him itself. If there is no such number in database the GSM gate either forbids connection or switches the subscriber according to the given route.

Calls restriction 
With the help of prefix device determines the route of call and then compares it with number in database and either allows call or forbids them. 

Possibility of recording of a voice greeting DISA 
There is an opportunity of recording of a voice greeting in GSM gate ELGATO, voice greeting will be reproduced to the calling subscriber just after connection. 

Least Cost Routing Function 
The outcoming call is routed according to the prefix mask taken from database.

Automatic telephone number recognition 
The function allows to determine number of the calling subscriber and either forbid or permit transfer of SIM number that established in a GSM gate .

Time conversation restriction (Max. of called minutes)
A limit of conversation can be set up for each SIM card

The GSM gates is programmed through the console or with the help of software working under Windows( CallCentre module). The programming can be implemented both locally and remotely.

Software updating
For updating the version of the software it is possible to use either applied CD or manufacturer(our) WEB-site. Updated software is given for free-of-charge.

Statistics of calls (CDR)

The device stores the detailed information about all outgoing and incoming calls (up to 500000 records)

The information about device condition is written in LOG-file: set up, initialization, arising of mistakes etc.
External antenna combiner
Due to external antenna combiner the signal from 8 GSM channels passes through only one external ( directed) antenna.

Technical characteristics

from 1 up to 32 GSM channels
a range of working frequencies - 900/1800
type of used SIM card - "small"
antenna complex YAGI (1 antenna for each 8 GSM-channels, combiner, coaxial cable) 
Signal protocol - SIP, H.323

Voice compression:
G.711 PCM at 64 kbps 
G.726 and G.727 E-ADPCM at 16 to 40 kbps 
G.723.1 (optional) MP-MLQ/ACELP at 6.3/5.3 kbps

Echo compensation:
G.168-2000; max. echo length 25ms (15 ms for G.729A)

Ethernet (10BaseT), RJ45 
Dimensions – width 420(19”), height 170, depth 470 
a range of working temperatures - from 0 C up to 40 C

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Manufacturer: ELGATO Communications (Ukraine)

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+380(56)719-9030 (office)

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