System Sim-Server is a complex of devices, aimed at a centralized storage of Sim-cards or other types of smart-cards and their further usage in such deviсes as GSM-gateway, tuner of satellite television or other devices, which use smart-cards in their work. Sim-server is a flexible system for control and inventory of sim-cards, which are used in your applications. There exist wide opportunities of adjusting and configuring the work of the system with the help of a comfortable web-interface.

Sim-server complex includes the following equipment: 
Sim-bank, Sim-box, Sim-server, GSM-gateway (compatible with the system Sim-server Elgato).


Sim-bank – is a powerful small-size hardware platform, allowing to store up to 200(!) sim-cards, to process them and transmit the data of these sim-cards through TCP/IP. Device sim-bank is manufactured in a compact housing of the industrial computer, standard 1U.  Main characteristics:
-Industrial 1U chassis under control of ОS Linux
-Sim-holders board for 200 sim-cards
-Two powerful processors Cyclone-2 by Altera
-Connectors RJ-45 to work with Ethernet
-Connector RS-232 (Console for primary adjustment and configuring of the device)
-Informational light indication for the work of device and sim-cards.


Sim-box – device, emulating the work of sim-cards. Sim-box receives protocol packet TCP/IP from sim-server and transmits this data via interface ISO7816 to communication terminal (for example, to GSM-gateway). For compatibility with devices of other manufacturers, sim-box is equipped by loop-back with small boards of sim-emulators. Main characteristics:
-Microcontroller AT91RM9200 on the base ARM9 by Atmel, ОS Linux
-Processor FPGA Cyclone-2 by Altera
-Connectors RJ-45 for device connection to Ethernet and RS-232 
-Connector USB-B for adjustment and configuring of the device 
-Two loop-backs with eight small boards of sim-emulators (total: 16 emulators) to any device, supporting Sim-cards
-Light indication for displaying the status of the device and channels of sim-emulators.


Sim-server – a PC with a special server software for a centralized control and administration of the system sim-server and commutation of protocol packet between sim-cards in sim-bank and communication terminals – compatible with the system sim-server by GSM-gateways El’gato or sim-box (another words, server installs channels of communication through TCP/IP between a sim-card in sim-bank and GSM-module in GSM-gateway or another application).   Functional peculiarities of the server:
-Supports up to 99 sim-banks! (i.e.: Sim-server can support the total work up to: 99 х 200 = 19 800 sim-cards)
-Database for keeping information about present (in sim-bank) sim- cards
-Database for inventory of devices working in the system (sim-box, GSM-gateways)
-Storing an inventory information about the work of these devices (automatic periodic calculation of communication cost, control of sim-cards account replenishment etc.)
-Dynamic switching of channels sim-card– GSM-module
-Configurable algorithms (techniques) of channels’ overcommutation sim-card – GSM-module (including the so-called algorithm of “sim-card motion simulation”)
-Web-interface for adjustment of all parameters and administration the system from any corner of the world. 


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Manufacturer: ELGATO Communications (Ukraine)

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