Система ELGATO 2G состоит из GSM модема, GPS приемника, встроенными GSM и GPS антеннами. Имеет встроенноеSystem of determination of mobile objects’ location, manufactured on the base of GPS-receiver of the last generation. Due to the utilization of the newest technologies and its small size, the system may be installed practically in any place of a car and it doesn’t need to be adjusted additionally.

The system consists of GSM modem, GPS-receiver, built-in GSM and GPS-antennas. It has a standby feed, which allows to work in autonomous mode during 4 hours. The system is designed for determination of mobile objects’ location and its transmittal via GSM network to a mobile telephone of the owner as an ordinary SMS-message containing position data or to a telephone with installed Java application allowing to display object’s location on the map.

Manufacturer: ELGATO Communications (Ukraine)

Contacts in Ukraine

+380(67)527-4171 (mob/telegram)
+380(56)719-9030 (office)

Local landlines

Russia (Moscow)

UK (London)

USA (Chicago)


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